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Private career coaching sessions with a VY Partner (Career Advisor) who will deliver a Program of one on one consulting sessions offering individual assistance. The Candidate can choose to use all or some of the components to suit their individual needs. Sessions will be a combination of in person visits at the VY offices in NYC and/or phone conferences at flexible times during the day or evening.


Managing Change

The job search often includes much uncertainty. The Career Advisor will assist the Candidate in managing the transition process by learning to develop strategies for maintaining confidence and dealing with change.

Personal Assessment

The Career Advisor will interview the Candidate and recommend a selection of assessments to establish personal style and interest profiles. The insights offered through feedback provide strategic marketing and direction and enhance the effectiveness of personal marketing efforts.

Career Assessment

A Career Advisor conducts an in-depth review of all positions held, focusing on skills and achievements in each position, rewards derived and disappointments. These factors form the basis of resume preparation and interview training. In addition, career related aspects of education and avocations are explored, as are personal objectives, preferences and ambitions.

Resume Preparation

Using insights and facts developed in the Personal Assessment and Career Assessment components: the Career Advisor and the Candidate develop a resume tailored for the Candidate’s target market. Resume preparation is an important ingredient in establishing the Candidate's self-confidence and interviewing skills because of the identification of achievements and successes in previous positions.

Marketing Tools

The Candidate works with the Career Advisor developing written and verbal presentations and utilizing references, crafting correspondence to include cover letters, professional biographies and creating an online presence.

Effective Networking

Networking taps the hidden 85% of job opportunities, but requires special skills to get the desired results. VY Partners gives individualized training on effective techniques.

Job Search Strategies

The Career Advisor and the Candidate develop strategies to present the candidate to the desired target market including the use of specialized search firms. Dates are agreed upon on accomplishing specific objectives; progress checks are on going.

Interviewing Techniques

Candidates are provided general interview training by VY Partners. Candidates are offered suggestions on behavior, style, specific answers to questions and body language. In addition, consultants prepare candidates for key interviews and review the interview after they have occurred.

Negotiating Strategy

VY Partners advise Candidates on strategies for achieving optimum employment terms and conditions, including contracts, compensation, job scope, titles and fringe benefits.

Entrepreneurial Option

Candidates may want to evaluate an entrepreneurial venture. When a person is considering this type of change, VY Partners will identify the necessary traits to be successful with such an undertaking. VY Partners will also provide assessment and counseling in regard to the needs that must be addressed if such an endeavor is to be successful.


The VY Partner’s Research Department works with all Candidates to determine their objectives and their research needs. Computerized databases are used to generate a variety of data and information instantly. We will also develop customized information to support the campaign.

Ongoing Coaching

Candidates are provided indefinite support for their career transition. In fact, support often extends into periods long after Candidates have arrived in new positions as they adjust to new surroundings and new relationships.


VY Partners has developed programs (Gold, Bronze and Silver) that are cost effective allowing individuals an opportunity to obtain a high end Career Transition Program that is affordable.


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