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CONTRACT RECRUITING is rapidly becoming a popular option for many companies who need a large number of targeted placements for a particular segment of their business. Approaching this situation in a traditional manner can be very expensive. Contract search emerges as a cost effective solution, by negotiating a time and expenses arrangement rather than fixed fee.

EXECUTIVE SEARCH continues to be a popular choice for Clients who have minimal needs for specific assignments.

Understanding Client Needs

VY Partners carefully reviews job specifications, compensation, products and services. A position description is drafted and submitted for revision and/or approval.

Targeted Recruitment,
Screening & References

Candidates are either directly recruited or referred with personal recommendations. Only Candidates who meet the criteria of the search are presented. At Client’s request and with the Candidate’s advance permission detailed inquiries with subordinates, peers and supervisors are completed.

Offers & Acceptances

VY Partners work together with Clients to create offers that will be accepted by Candidates and assist in negotiating to the satisfaction of both parties.


Our fees are negotiated dependent on the level and complexity of the assignments. Over the years, in variable markets, we have consistently outperformed our peers by maintaining a strong network of leaders, as well as, newcomers. Because of these relationships and our knowledge of the business, many of our Clients view us as their vendor of choice and use our services for both executive search and contract recruiting.


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